Boursin® Cheese Debuts New Dairy-Free Cheese Spread

Beloved brand launches plant-based alternative in fan-favorite flavor garlic & herbs

Entertaining cheese brand Boursin® is expanding its product line to include a new offering, Boursin Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative Garlic & Herbs, created to meet flexitarian food trends and evolving consumer demands.

The new certified plant-based Boursin is a unique, creamy, spreadable product; one that helps fulfill the need for great-tasting gourmet cheese alternatives and allows even more consumers to enjoy the distinct taste and texture of Boursin. It perfectly embodies the original dairy Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs signature taste—a delicious blend of delicate garlic, fragrant parsley and mild chives—in a dairy-free variety.

“As the demand for dairy-free alternatives continues to rise, we are proud to be one of the first traditional cheese brands creating plant-based alternatives of our much-loved products,” said Matt Barlow, brand director for Boursin. “Now more than ever, plant-based food is booming and we’re so excited to share this new innovation, making it easier for consumers with a wide range of dietary considerations to enjoy Boursin in a dairy-free version.”

Boursin Dairy-Free makes it easy to impress others and add a little wow in the same ways you already love eating Boursin—add it to a cheeseboard or incorporate it into one of your favorite dishes to elevate the everyday in a new way. For more inspiration and recipes, including Boursin Dairy-Free Epic Veggie Burger, visit

The latest product innovation was developed using the knowledge and expertise of international plant-based food brand, Follow Your Heart. By expanding its product offering beyond cheese products, Boursin is helping Bel further its mission to become a major player in the healthy snack market – diversifying through growth in dairy, fruit and plant-based products.

Boursin Dairy-Free initially launched on Amazon Fresh in October 2020 and is now available in the deli section of major retailers nationwide, including Albertson’s Acme & East, Certco, Hannahord, HEB, Hyvee, Kroger and Sprouts, for the suggested retail price of $6.99.

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About Boursin: 
Part of the Bel Brands?USA?family, Boursin® Cheese and Boursin® Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative Garlic & Herbs are creamy and crumbly products, deliciously rich with flavor. Boursin® Cheese is one of the most popular brands manufactured by Bel Brands?USA?Inc., a subsidiary of?Bel Group. Headquartered in?Paris, Bel wants to promote healthier, responsible and accessible food for all consumers worldwide. Bel is a major player in the healthy snack market. Bel produces more than thirty local and international brands that are sold in more than 130 countries around the globe. In addition to Boursin®, other?USA?favorites include The Laughing Cow®, Babybel® and popular cheese spreads marketing under Kaukauna®, Merkts® and Price*s® labels. Bel Brands delivers fun snacks to over 400 million consumers