Who We Hire

Every Bel employee stands behind our core values of daring, commitment, and caring. We share responsibility for each other, help each other grow, and challenge the status quo. If this sounds like the way you approach work, you’d be a great fit for our team.

Creative Minds

No matter what the role, Bel employees meet every challenge with an entrepreneurial spirit. At our headquarters and international offices we bring bold new ideas to a variety of job functions including marketing, business development, supply chain, finance, and IT. Our plant managers, production managers, packaging technologists, and quality managers are high performers with high expectations–for themselves and for each other. See Employee Stories

Team Players

We’re a company of team players and leaders, and together we encourage each other to do our best work. Everyone is empowered to take action on new ideas, even when it’s something that’s outside of their job description. Every day brings a new challenge and new excitement, and we offer each other constant support as we grow and learn together. More than just our job titles, we look at the big picture and the entire organization’s success. Learn More About Bel Values

Bel leader speaking

Global Thinkers

Bel’s US headquarters is in Chicago, and our plant locations are nationwide. Our parent company is in France, and we have offices in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and all over the world. This means each of us gets the opportunity to work with people across borders and disciplines– co-workers who solve problems with open minds, varying backgrounds and unique viewpoints. So we look at the impact of everything we do on the world, and focus on nutrition, reducing our environmental footprint, and creating high-quality products. Our International Presence

Ambitious Hearts

At Bel, you’re more than just a number. We’re all connected to each other and to how we can make our impact. The company is experiencing rapid growth, and people who want to grow with it are the ones who thrive. Development of employees and skill sets is a priority along with development of the organization, and every single employee gets the opportunity to be a part of it. OUR COMPANY VALUES & VISION