Our Core Values

Daring, commitment, and caring are at the very heart of our business strategy. We constantly strive to encourage growth while still respecting Bel’s core values and unique spirit.

Caring Above All Else

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond the doorstep of our plants, and that we actively impact the environment and our local communities–so we’re committed to conducting business in a respectful and caring way. This mindset and willingness to share with as many people as possible, is encapsulated in our “sharing smiles” tagline and the way we do business every day.

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We Care in Every Portion

For over 15 years, Bel has been committed to a strong corporate social responsibility program. We’ve taken measures to improve our practices, reduce our environmental impact and care for people across all parts of our business. We’re making positive impacts on our farms, with our suppliers, in our factories, and for our customers.

Bel employee on trapeze

Daring in Our Genes

Our roots are genetically grounded in the enthusiasm and smiles that propel our brands. We offer the opportunities that arise from our growth to our team members, and believe it’s our duty to encourage passion and dedication. We continuously push ourselves and our fellow team members to seek challenges and to develop professionally.

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Commitment to Good Health

The Bel charter encourages not only good naturedness, but also good eating habits. We believe that it’s our responsibility to guarantee the quality, traceability and safety of our products, from the earliest stages of the production chain through to consumption. Each production site is governed by stringent quality and safety requirements so that we can stay close to our consumers and maintain the trust of our employees, customers, and distributors.

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Commitment to Diversity

“Bel Brands USA embraces diversity and understands that our customers, employees, suppliers and local communities are critical to our success. We conduct our business in an ethical manner and strive to implement a company culture that is inclusive, positive and performance-oriented.

At Bel, we value the whole person. We are committed to attracting, developing and maintaining a diverse workforce. Embracing and valuing our differences and commonalities help build trusting relationships and collaboration across the organization.

Bel is inspired by the variety of perspectives that a diverse workforce and community of stakeholders provide. This enables us to continuously improve our organization and strengthens our market competitiveness.”