Bel Brands USA’s mission is “Champion healthier and responsible food for all”. To achieve this mission, Bel Brands USA is committed to developing and providing great tasting, safe, and healthier products, while assuring the personal safety of our employees, partners, and community, and reducing our impact on the environment.

Bel Brands USA’s goal is to provide competitive consumer products of the highest standards of safety and quality. We are committed to conforming with or exceeding statutory, regulatory and all other legal requirements. In addition, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers to achieve business success.

It is Bel Brands USA’s commitment to reduce the impact to the environment, prevent ill health, and provide safety through comprehensive risk analysis to control of safety risks by involving all employees, leadership and plant workers, in the goal of eliminating hazards, reducing the number of incidents (accidents and almost accidents) and seeking the best means of prevention.

Bel Brands USA recognizes all employees are directly responsible for food safety and quality, safety and environmental aspects. Bel Brands USA is committed to fostering an environment where health and safety, food safety, quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental impacts are our highest priority.

Bel Brands USA is committed to respect budget and minimize risk via the implementation of continuous improvement methods and allocation of necessary resources with goals to optimize internal process and performance to support the sustainability of the operation.

The IMS Commitment Policy is communicated throughout the organization and is made available to all employees and interested parties. We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our IMS. We are committed to customer satisfaction by monitoring our performance against established objectives and through leadership that promotes employee involvement.